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It should be noted that the heating of the capacitor affects the life of the capacitor

Published on:2021-05-26

Judge the failure treatment of capacitor
1, Analysis of the crash referee and reason capacitor
(1) It oozes into the oil. It is a familiar phenomenon that tantalum capacitor amphibious jeep enters the oil, mainly because the product quality is very bad, the circulation support is not appropriate, and the lack of circulation maintenance causes the outer skin to become rusty. .
(2) The shell on the outside of the capacitor swells. Because the electric field function keeps things in the insulation that are partly visited inside the capacitor and solves the irritation of the exhaust port or the partial breakthrough of the component, the electrode turns on the power and increases the completely enclosed internal pressure to become the outer shell, Inflation caused by external shells has been changing.
(3) The capacitor has heated up. The main reason is a capacitor that guides the flow of electricity, and the conditions of good ventilation are inconsistent. For example, the design of the capacitor room is ridiculously bad-ventilated; the capacitor guides the power pressure to flow, causing the capacitor to flow for a long time; the direction switching equipment outputs the Gao Ci Xie wave to make the capacitor guide the power flow, and so on. In addition, the internal components of the capacitor are faulty and the quality is aging, the quality of the lies is exhausted, and the quality of the lies is being sliced. The increase in value may cause the capacitor to rise highly. The heating of the capacitor affects the life of the capacitor, and may also cause a breakthrough to short-circuit the capacitor.
(4) The capacitor magnet electrically charges the surface Shan that the net person turns to in a bottle. The reason is that the surface of the magnet that insulates the stain is dirty.
(5) The sound is abnormal. If in terms of movement, it is found that the power sound is not turned on as usual or otherwise, it means that the internal part of the capacitor has collapsed.
(6) The capacitor blows up. Capacitors occur very often and sometimes insulate the outer shell with a breakthrough, and other capacitors of tantalum quality will release a very large energy to the capacitor and cause the capacitor to blow up and wake up the fire in this way.
2, Treatment of tantalum capacitors
(1) When the outer shell of the capacitor seeps out, the leaking oil is not serious, and can seep out. The leak is in the rusty attachment, the outer shell of the welded joint, and the place in the Tu Qi.
(2) The power of electricity should be replaced by external shell inflation at that time.
(3) If the indoor temperature leads Gao, a good ventilation situation should be improved; this is regarded as causing the capacitor to rise highly due to other reasons, then the reason should be found to continue to deal with it; if the capacitor is tightened, Should replace a capacitor.
(4) The capacitor should be checked regularly, and it should be clean. Above
(5) If there is a capacitor, the abnormal sound growth should be observed. Seriously, it should immediately stop its movement and carry about replacement.
(6) If the capacitor is blown up, it should be replaced in time.