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Monolithic capacitors are a kind of repair equipment without success

Published on:2021-05-26

Monolithic capacitor knowledge
Monolithic capacitors are a kind of repair equipment without success. The burden and power of the monolith system supply equipment like electric motors, transformers, machines that sympathize with each other, etc. In addition, consumption has a great achievement monolith, and also wants to "absorb" no achievement monolith . If these unachievable monoliths are completely supplied by the generator, it will definitely affect it. There is a great achievement. Raising one hand to it will not only be uneconomical, but will also make the voltage quality of electricity inferior. Affect customer use.
Capacitors are conveying the "hair" of the pot that has no function under the electric voltage to achieve a monolith (electrical capacity current), if it is relying on the capacitor to circulate the current on the burden (like an electric motor) or power supply equipment (like a transformer) Therefore, the burden or power supply equipment needs to "absorb" the monolith has not been achieved at the moment when the capacitor is "sent" correctly, and the monolith supply has not been achieved. This will be combined for repair. The combined repayment reduces the exhaustion of line energy, improves the quality of electric voltage, nurtures power factors, and improves the power supply capacity of the system.
If an online path to the capacitor is established upwards, the line monolith is reimbursed, the line parameters are changed, and this will establish a repair. Establishing and repairing can reduce the voltage loss of the line electricity, increase the voltage level of the line's bitterness and end the electricity, reduce the loss of the barbed wire network full of emotional power, and the loss of the monolith, the promotion of the loss of the monolith.
Monolithic capacitors include a combined capacitor, monolithic thermal capacitors, all magazine capacitors and Ou matching capacitors, and pulse capacitors. . . and many more. Incorporating a capacitor into the power factor system is mainly used for repaying whether the power is achieved; the monolithic thermal capacitor is mainly used for repetitively promoting the power factor monolithic system; fully pressing a capacitor is usually combined On breaking the news media used in the manufacture of helicopters; Ou is matched with a capacitor to the main line, size, control of the monolithic power transmission for communication, and the main jumper capacitor is used for the pulse circuit and direct surge height ground pressure. Change the direction to filter the wave.
Together with the development of the country’s economy, the burden is increasing day by day, and the power supply capacity is prolonged. Without this repayment, some achievements are in line with catching up. Use capacitors as no achievement to repay, invest a little bit, use up small, easy to disperse device, use a little bit widely. Undoubtedly, because the system is stable, the request must be provided with the adjustment of a specific ratio camera.