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How to maintain power capacitors, and what is the specific maintenance time?

Published on:2021-05-26

Power capacitor maintenance and service period
The power capacitor is well maintained, it is very important for the extension of the service period and the safe movement of electrical equipment. How to carry on maintenance and power capacitor maintenance, when can the following items be provided as a reference:
One, to install a power capacitor, connect the power cable and the capacitor line pillar screw must be tightly Ning, can not release action, in order to avoid loose action to wake up a fever but burn a broken device.
Second, after circulating for a period of time, taking into account the thermal expansion and regular cold contraction, the screw connection word order should be checked every time, and the Ning is tight again.
Third, clean the dust on the capacitor periodically, in order to avoid the creation of static electricity by the dust. Short circuit
Fourth, the outer shell of the capacitor must be well connected to the ground, and the power to cut off on a machine should be connected to the machine that opens the power to touch the contact. It has a good dual power-on function (the capacitor has been turned on and the power is resisted), so because it does not immediately release the remaining power of the capacitor, it is not easy to throw a thin slice and bring an impact to the capacitor, but the influence is beyond the service period of the capacitor . (Click to start a variety of work situations)
Fifth, the ability to choose together with the capacitor should have sufficient width and still exist, and install the controller to make the capacitor rest according to the rotation of time. (Point out the three classes of the basic business enterprise operating)
Sixth, it is best to correctly use the line with a car, crane or high-power motor on the spot in the atonement of the business enterprise. Therefore, the capacitor is circulated by the electric motor synchronously, and the effect is the best.
7. According to each situation and actual business enterprise, if you need to use a special dial-up capacitor, you must choose to go with a special dial-up capacitor. This is closely related to the service period of the capacitor.
Eight, the capacitor always needs to produce calories in sports, especially the attention of good ventilation and cooling.
The service period is related to the quality of the power supply capacitor, the voltage, current and ambient temperature of the power supply close to the ground, the length of the circulation time, and the equipment equipped with electricity. These factors will directly affect the lifespan and the capacity of the capacitor. .
Under normal circumstances, the capacity of capacitors drops by 2-4% in the first year, and in the future, it will increase to 3-6%, 3-8% and 6-12% in an orderly manner. The capacity is exhausted every year. Together with the movement of the capacitor for three years. For this reason, if a commercial enterprise leads to planting a capacitor (more than 4 years) with a circulation period, it is recommended to replace a new capacitor. In addition, the ability will be affected in the atonement of the effect on the low capacitor, and along with the deterioration of the quality of the lie, its credibility will also be reduced.