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This article introduces the concept and types of power capacitors in detail

Published on:2021-05-27

Concepts and types of power capacitors
Power capacitors are used as capacitors in power systems and electrical equipment. The two pieces of the metal leader used in the center arbitrarily insulate the lying mass, and then constitute a capacitor. The electrical capacity of the capacitor depends on its size and the quality of the two pole-supported planks so that the quality of lying down determines the insulation characteristics. When the capacitor is pressed downward, an alternating current is used, and it is often used as an intermediate capacitor because it has no power. The unit is brick or kilowatt.
The use of power capacitor voltage is divided into 8 types:
① Combine a capacitor. It is mainly used because repaying the emotional burden of the power system has not achieved power. By increasing the power factor, the voltage quality of the electricity is improved and the line exhaustion is reduced.
② Build a capacitor. It is established to work repeatedly, and the high pressure is lost. It is carried out together with the electric wire and road. In order to compensate for the distribution of the line feeling, a quiet system, dynamic state stability, improvement of the electric voltage quality of the line, and lengthening of the electric power distance and Increase transportation capacity.
③ Ou is matched with a capacitor. Gao, which is mainly used for high-pressure power lines, repeatedly conforms to the letter, size, and control, protects and uses a part in the device that draws sample power.
④Helicopter capacitors. As expected by the news media, it was a capacitor at first. The merger of the additional high-voltage helicopters breaks the top of the nation to a function of the news media and enables each break of the electric voltage break program to turn on the break in the balance, and this can improve the characteristics of the helicopter Hungarian, the rise breaks ability.
⑤Power thermal capacitor. For the electric heating equipment system, use 40~24000 Hes for frequency to nurture the power factor and improve the characteristics, such as the voltage and frequency of electricity. . . And so on tracking on the back.
⑥ Pulse capacitor. It is mainly up to storage and can be used, a machine that generates a strong impact on the voltage of electricity, a machine that generates electricity on a pound, and the helicopter experiment uses a flap to vigorously shake the track behind and other basic store capabilities.
⑦ Direct inrush current and filter a capacitor. For high pressure, use direct current device and high pressure to change direction to filter one device entering.
⑧Standard capacitor. To work repeatedly with the height pressure scale lie that the quality is exhausted in a back track, it is the standard electric capacity or the electric capacity to measure the height pressure as the pressure divider device.