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Ceramic chip capacitors, ceramic capacitors

Published on:2021-05-27

     The so-called invalidation means that it cannot work normally during normal working hours. The main parameters of a capacitor are capacity, namely C value; loss value, DF value; withstand voltage, namely TV value; insulation resistance, namely IR value; and leakage current value.  A perfect capacitor, the above parameters meet the specification requirements. The safety capacitors produced by Zhizhong Electronics are implemented in accordance with the IEC 60384 international standard. Generally, when many customers use safety capacitors, they will consider the consequences if the capacitor fails, and what is the severity level? So what happens after the capacitor fails? Zhizhong Electronics has been specialized in manufacturing safety ceramic capacitors for many years. The following are the failures and countermeasures of capacitors for everyone to share.

    Failure rate is an important parameter of the quality and reliability of electronic components. In addition to the manufacturing level, it also has a lot to do with application conditions.
We should pay attention to the specifications and parameters when selecting models, and use them in accordance with the stated standards. The figure below is the production process of safety Y capacitors. The key processes are sheeting engineering and soldering engineering.

The common electrical performance of capacitor failure mainly includes the following points:

1. The capacitor has no capacity. The physical reason may be that the solder joints fall off. The mechanical reason is that the internal structure of the capacitor is destroyed.

2. The capacitance value is high or low. Exceeds the upper and lower limits of the specifications. Every product has a temperature coefficient. That is, the rate of change of its capacitance within the specified temperature range.
That is, every time the temperature changes by one degree, the capacitance value will fluctuate a little. Only when the testing temperature standard is stipulated can there be contrast. The general standard temperature is 25°C.

3. The capacitor is short-circuited by breakdown. The reason is that the capacitor is overloaded and the voltage and current that the capacitor bears exceeds its own peak value.

4. The DF value is too large. Capacitors eat silver during the production and welding process. Or the capacitor chip is contaminated.

5. The insulation resistance is low. What affects the resistance is the storage environment. If the capacitor is stored in a humid environment for a long time. The insulation resistance value will drop.

    Zhizhong Electronics Co., Ltd. has specialized in the production and sales of safety, ceramic, and monolithic capacitors for 30 years. The development of science and technology is inseparable from components. In order to protect the core components from damage, Zhizhong Electronics gives you a safe choice and provides a strong guarantee for product safety! All staff will serve you wholeheartedly, please contact our online customer service or call our sales hotline 0769-88839201