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Capacitor type/use

Published on:2021-05-27

There are many types of capacitors, which can be divided into principle: non-polar variable capacitors, non-polar fixed capacitors, polarized capacitors, etc.;

From the material point of view, it can be divided into:

Ceramic capacitors, monolithic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, EBB capacitors (polyethylene), polyester capacitors, mica capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, etc.

1. Non-inductive CBB capacitor

      It is composed of two layers of polypropylene vinyl and two layers of metal foil alternately sandwiched and then bundled. Non-inductive, good high-frequency characteristics, small size; the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for large-capacity, the price is relatively high, and the heat resistance is poor.

2. CBB capacitor

It is composed of two layers of polyethylene plastic and two layers of metal foil alternately sandwiched and then bundled. Inductive, others are the same as non-inductive CBB capacitors.
    3. Ceramic capacitor

Both sides of a thin ceramic sheet are plated with silver metal film. Small size, high pressure resistance, low price, high frequency; the disadvantage is that it is fragile and low capacity.

4. Mica capacitor

Two metal films are plated on the mica sheet. It is easy to produce and has low technical content; the disadvantage is that it is large in size and small in capacity.

5. Monolithic capacitor

Multilayer ceramic capacitors are made of ceramic materials through electrode printing, cutting, and firing. The volume is smaller than CBB, and the others are the same as CBB with inductive capacitance.

6. Electrolytic capacitor

Two pieces of aluminum tape and two layers of insulating films are stacked on top of each other, and are immersed in electrolyte (acid-containing synthetic solution) after being bundled. Large capacity, the disadvantage is that the high frequency characteristics are not good.

7. Tantalum capacitor

Use metal tantalum as the positive electrode and spray metal on the electrolyte as the negative electrode. The stability is good, the capacity is big, the high frequency characteristic is good; The disadvantage is that the price is high.

Different types of capacitors should be selected for different circuits. The resonant circuit can choose mica, high-frequency ceramic capacitors, and the DC blocking can choose paper, polyester, mica,
Electrolytic, ceramic and other capacitors can be used for filtering. Electrolytic capacitors can be used for filtering, and polyester, paper, ceramic, and electrolytic capacitors can be used for bypass.

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