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Simple analysis of monolithic capacitor production

Published on:2021-05-27

Monolithic Capacitor Production As China has increasingly become the world's largest electronic terminal product processing and manufacturing base, China's electronic component market is also showing a boom in supply and demand. Among them, the chip multilayer ceramic capacitor "> capacitor (MLCC, also known as the monolithic capacitor" > capacitor) is currently one of the chip components with the largest consumption and the fastest development speed. From the perspective of the downstream supply chain terminal market, the demand for MLCCs in electronic products has shown a sharp increase in geometric levels, which has brought good development opportunities for domestic and foreign MLCC manufacturers.
"New equipment is coming in every week, and new contracts are being signed every day for the production of monolithic capacitors." From the description of Liao Jie, general manager of the MLCC division of Shenzhen Yuyang Technology Development Co., Ltd., it is not difficult to get a glimpse. The prosperous degree of the MLCC market. In the "2007 20th China Top 100 Electronic Components" ranking recently released by the Information Center of China Electronic Components Industry Association, Yuyang Technology ranked 52nd with annual sales of 497.68 million yuan. As of the first half of 2007, Yuyang Technology's shipment growth has reached 30%, and for the industry, August is the beginning of the peak season, so the performance of the post-monolithic capacitor production market is very worth looking forward to.