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AC ceramic capacitor industry background and competitive advantages

Published on:2021-05-27

AC Ceramic Capacitors As China has increasingly become the world's largest electronic terminal product processing and manufacturing base, China's electronic components market is also showing a boom in supply and demand. Among them, ceramic capacitors are currently one of the chip components with the largest consumption and the fastest development speed. From the perspective of the downstream supply chain terminal market, the demand for ceramic capacitors in electronic products has shown a geometrically rapid growth, which has brought good development opportunities for ceramic capacitor manufacturers at home and abroad.
The leading company in the AC ceramic capacitor industry has its competitive advantages mainly as follows: 1) Technical advantages. The company has a relatively high level of technology, and it is one of the few domestic manufacturers with internationally advanced ceramic capacitor production lines and large-scale production capabilities in measurement and control laboratories. 2) Refined management capabilities. The company's refined management makes its rapid delivery capability, the number of orders per month and other indicators are at the leading level in the industry. 3) Customer resource advantage. The company has thousands of customers. While the customer base is large, the quality is also high. Most of the leading companies in the downstream industry have cooperation with the company. 4) Brand advantage. The company has obtained ISO9001 (2000) and other certificates, and is a manufacturer of high-quality ceramic capacitors recognized by the industry association and industry insiders. AC Ceramic Capacitor Company has always pursued the policy of "making unremitting efforts to manufacture high-quality goods, sincere cooperation and sustainable operation", doing things down-to-earth and serving wholeheartedly.