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Talking about capacitor five: the misunderstanding of tantalum capacitor instead of electrolytic capacitor

Published on:2021-05-28

     The general view is that the performance of tantalum capacitors is better than aluminum capacitors, because the dielectric of tantalum capacitors is tantalum pentoxide generated after anodization, and its dielectric capacity is higher than aluminum oxide dielectric of aluminum capacitors. To be higher. Therefore, in the case of the same capacity, the volume of tantalum capacitors can be made smaller than aluminum capacitors. (The capacitance of an electrolytic capacitor depends on the sum of the dielectric capacity of the medium. In the case of a certain capacity, the higher the dielectric capacity, the smaller the volume can be made, and vice versa, the larger the volume needs to be.) In addition, the properties of tantalum are relatively stable, so tantalum capacitors are generally considered to have better performance than aluminum capacitors. However, this method of judging capacitor performance based on the anode is outdated. At present, the key to determining the performance of electrolytic capacitors is not the anode, but the electrolyte, which is the cathode. Because different cathodes and different anodes can be combined into different types of electrolytic capacitors, their performance is also very different. The performance of capacitors using one type of anode can vary greatly due to different electrolytes. In short, the impact of the anode on the performance of the capacitor is far less than that of the resistance.
     There is also a view that tantalum capacitors have better performance than aluminum capacitors, mainly because tantalum plus manganese dioxide cathode cheers can be significantly better than aluminum electrolyte capacitors. If the cathode of the aluminum electrolyte capacitor is replaced with manganese dioxide, its performance can actually be improved a lot. It is certain that ESR is one of the main parameters to measure the characteristics of a capacitor. However, the choice of capacitors should avoid misunderstandings such as the lower the ESR the better, the higher the quality the better, and so on. The evaluation of a product must be comprehensive and multi-angle consideration, and the role of the capacitor must not be exaggerated intentionally or unintentionally.

     The above quoted a summary of the experience of some netizens.

     The structure of ordinary electrolytic capacitors is anode, resistance and electrolyte, the anode is passivated aluminum, and the cathode is pure aluminum, so the key is the anode and electrolyte. The quality of the anode is related to the number of piezoelectric media and other issues.

     Generally speaking, the ESR of tantalum electrolytic capacitors is much smaller than that of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the same capacity and the same withstand voltage, and the high-frequency performance is better. If the capacitor is used in the filter circuit, pay attention to the impact on the performance of the filter after the capacitance changes.

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