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Talking about capacitor four: multilayer ceramic capacitors

Published on:2021-05-28

     For capacitors, miniaturization and high capacity are eternal development trends. Among them, the development of multilayer ceramic capacitors is the fastest.  Multilayer ceramic capacitors are widely used in portable products, but the technological progress of digital products in recent years has put forward new requirements for them. For example, mobile phones require higher transmission rates and higher performance, and baseband processors require high speed and low voltage. LCD modules require low-thickness, large-capacity capacitors. The harshness of the automotive environment places more special requirements on multilayer ceramic capacitors: firstly, high temperature resistance, the multilayer ceramic capacitors placed in it must meet the operating temperature of 150 degrees, and secondly, short-circuit failure protection design is required on the battery circuit. . In other words, miniaturization, high speed and high performance, high temperature resistance, and high reliability have become the key characteristics of ceramic capacitors.
     The capacity of the ceramic capacitor changes with the change of the DC bias voltage. The DC bias voltage reduces the dielectric constant, so it is necessary to reduce the dependence of the dielectric constant voltage from the material aspect to optimize the DC bias voltage characteristics. The more common type of application is X7R multilayer ceramic capacitors. Its capacity is mainly concentrated above 1000PF. The main performance index of this type of capacitor is equal cross-series resistance. It is used in high ripple current power supply decoupling, filtering and low-frequency signal coupling. Of
The performance of low power consumption is outstanding.
     Another type of multilayer ceramic capacitor is the COG type, and its capacity is mostly below 1000PF. The main performance index of this type of capacitor is the loss tangent value. The DF value range of COG products of traditional precious metal electrodes is (2.0-8.0) X 10-4, while the DF value range of COG products of technologically innovative base metal electrodes is (1.0-2.5) X 10-4, which is about 31- of the former. 50%. This type of product has significant low power consumption characteristics in GSM, CDMA, cordless phones, Bluetooth, and GPS systems with T/R module circuits. It is mostly used in various high-frequency circuits, such as oscillator/synchronizers, timer circuits, etc.

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