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Talk about several uses of capacitors. Talking about capacitors two: the choice of capacitors

Published on:2021-05-28

Talking about the second capacitor: the choice of capacitor

  Generally, how should we choose a suitable capacitor for our circuit? The author believes that it should be based on the following considerations:
  1. Electrostatic capacity
  2. Rated withstand voltage
  3. Capacitance error
  4. The amount of capacitance change under DC bias
  5. Noise level
  6. Types of capacitors
  7. Capacitor specifications
   So, is there a shortcut? In fact, capacitors are the peripheral components of the device. The Datasheet or Solutions of almost every device clearly specifies the selection parameters of the peripheral components. That is to say, based on this, the basic device selection requirements can be obtained, and then further refinement. It. In fact, the selection of capacitors is not only based on the capacity and packaging, but also depends on the environment in which the product is used. Special capacitors must be used for special circuits.

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