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Talking about capacitor three: the classification of capacitors

Published on:2021-05-28

There are many classification methods and types of capacitors. Based on the material properties of capacitors, they can be divided into the following categories:
  1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  Capacitor capacity range is 0.1UF-22000UF, the best choice for high pulsating current, long life, and large capacity. It is widely used in power supply filtering, decoupling and other occasions.
  2. Film capacitors
  Capacitor capacity range is 0.1PF-10UF, with small tolerance, high capacity stability and extremely low piezoelectric effect, so it is the first choice for X, Y safety capacitors and EMI/EMC.
  3. Tantalum capacitors
  Capacitance capacity range 2.2UF-560UF, low equivalent series resistance, low equivalent series inductance. The pulsation absorption, transient response and noise suppression are better than aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which is an ideal choice for high-stability power supplies.
  4. Ceramic capacitors
  The capacitance range is 0.5PF-100UF. The unique material and the crystallization of thin film technology cater to the design concept of "lighter, thinner, and more energy-saving".
  5. Super capacitor
  Capacitor capacity range is 0.022F-70F, extremely high capacitance value, so it is also called "golden capacitor" or "farad capacitor". The main features are: ultra-high capacitance value, good charge/discharge characteristics, suitable for electric energy storage and power backup. The disadvantage is that the withstand voltage is lower and the operating temperature range is narrow.

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